A Nation of Mystics – Book Three: Journeys

nation3In this final book of Pamela Johnson’s epic trilogy on the sixties, the story of communal family and their search for enlightenment through religion, mind-expanding hallucinogens, and mysticism continues. Although the social and political bruises of the Berkeley People’s Park riots begin to heal at the Woodstock Music Festival, the family soon faces new danger from both murderous competitors and law enforcement.

In Journeys, the decade of the sixties draws to a close, and as time passes, members of the Tribe are forced into making difficult choices. Christian Brooks finds he must return to India to face his demons. Kathleen Murray searches for a way to continue to hold to her ideals, even though hard men take her innocence. Myles Corbet, now a full agent working in Europe and Asia for Interpol, must finally come to terms with his actions, including his betrayal of best friend, Jerry Putman. Narcotics Supervisor Dolph Bremer faces the case of his life, where he will win all or lose all in his contest with attorney Lance Bormann.

Through its characters, A Nation of Mystics explores human questions that are eternally relevant—how to seek peace in the presence of evil, the life-altering implications of personal choices, the discovery of strength and fortitude to transform idealism into action.

In Book 3: Journeys, the important threads of America’s counterculture beliefs are tied into a single knot, ideas and actions poised on the threshold of a new decade, ready to stand the test of time.